A look into why a package can get damaged through traditional delivery service operators and why Senpex is the right choice for delivering your item.

Oftentimes, when selecting a delivery service option such as Fedex, UPS, or USPS, you cannot be sure of the condition of the package upon arrival. Some packages can even go missing. Here’s why your package can become damaged in the process of traveling from point A to point B, and why you should choose Senpex courier delivery service for your parcel delivery.

Some reasons why your package can get damaged

Machinery and human error are the most common reasons. When a package is sorted mechanically, this can cause damages because parcels can be dropped from one level of the revolving conveyor belt to another, not accounting for the possible fragility of the item. People handling the boxes can drop them, and this can cause much damage on hard warehouse floors. Transportation in large moving trucks or vans can also cause issues as the items can travel around the interior of the vehicle while it is moving. Content from other packages can seep into a package if liquids, for example, are not wrapped properly. Improper packaging can cause an item to get damaged, especially if the box is old.

So what's the alternative?

Just a few of the advantages of choosing Senpex include an individualized order, with your package being the only one in delivery at a time. This prevents your item from ever being confused with another, or packages bumping into each other. With our new ordering system, placing an order can be completed in just two steps.

Here at Senpex, we take the gamble out of delivering a package. Our trusted and professional couriers will always get your package from its starting location to its delivery point in the exact same condition in which it was received. You can rest assured knowing your package will arrive at the time it was requested in pristine condition. Next time, choose Senpex for your courier delivery service needs.

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