Pay by Receiver is a great way to expand customer payment options for businesses, and Senpex offers this great choice!

Flexible Payment Options

For any business, the ability to provide flexible payment options is a necessity when attracting customers to your business. Customers have so many options when it comes to selecting a product or service nowadays, and it is important to find ways to set yourself apart from the competition. Payments are a huge part of the customer experience, and making this step of the process easier for the customer is always a great idea. By giving the customer more flexible payment options, you are giving them more purchasing power -- thus making it more likely that the customer will go forward with purchasing your good or service.

Pay by Receiver

One way to do so is giving customers the option to pay by receiver, which is when an item or service is purchased by the person receiving the good/service. This creates a way for customers to “outsource” their purchases. When recipients pay for their goods/services at the time of delivery, this creates a wonderful sense of convenience. The conventional way of the purchaser paying for the item or service is no longer the only way that customers can get their purchases -- their friends or family members can pay for them instead. By doing so, this creates a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to customers; you’re now exposed to a whole network of people that are interacting with your product or service, thus getting the word out about your brand. A flexible option like “pay by receiver” allows the customer(s) to pay on their terms. It will be less likely that whatever will be in the potential customer’s shopping cart will be abandoned, and they will go through with the purchase.

This can absolutely transform a business simply because it can provide such needed flexibility, allow the business to gain customers, and therefore grow on a potentially large scale. By giving customers the chance to pay by receiver, the business is exposing itself to so much more traffic, and more positive reviews for the business overall. Comparing two businesses -- one with a rigid payment system and another with many options to pay for goods or services that they offer, it is a no brainer.

Paying by Receiver at Senpex

Senpex offers a pay by receiver option, which is fantastic for anyone that wants the receiver of their deliveries to be responsible for the shipment of their items. In fact, it gives the person placing the order the option to have anyone else of their choosing be responsible for payment. So how does it work? By simply entering in the e-mail address of the friend or receiver, the person placing the order can control this payment process. Senpex will email and notify the receiver/friend of the payment due, and once the payment is processed, the delivery will take place. The pay by receiver option is a great, stress-free way to order courier delivery service, and this option in general is wonderful for any business seeking to diversify their payment options.

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