With the growth in e-commerce, the demand for an instant delivery solution continues to grow by the day.

In a world where we can get almost everything we need at a click of a button, more and more customers are expecting to receive online orders instantly as well. However, very few businesses have managed to identify this need and address it by implementing same-day delivery processes into their own businesses. If you own your own e-commerce business, here is why it is important that you also offer same-day delivery for your customers.

The Demand for Same-Day Delivery Among Consumers Is Growing

As same-delivery becomes a more common shipping option for individuals shopping with online retailers, the demand for same-day delivery continues to grow. Here are some interesting statistics regarding consumer needs and expectations regarding same-day delivery.

  • 56 percent of online consumers who fall in between the ages of 18 and 34 expect to have their items delivered on the same day as they order them.

  • 61 percent of online consumers have stated that they would pay more money to see their orders delivered on the same day.

  • 49 percent of online consumers have said that same-day delivery would make them more likely to shop online.

  • 80 percent of online consumers want same-day delivery while 61 percent would like their orders delivered within 1 to 3 hours of being purchased.

  • More than 25 percent of online consumers have said that they would exit their shopping cart and leave a website if same-day delivery wasn’t offered.

Why Your Business Needs to Get Onboard and Offer Same-Day Delivery

With this kind of demand coming from consumers for same-day delivery, it’s easy to see why online retailers need to offer services that meet these expectations. The intelligence forecast produced by Business Insider regarding online sales estimated that online retail sales would reach $632 billion by 2020. With major retailers such as Amazon taking notice of these trends and providing consumers with what they need, it is important that your business joins the same-day race and takes advantage of this growing trend before competition becomes too intense.

Where Is Same-Day Delivery in Demand?

As long as same-day delivery is available and consumers continue to expect their items to arrive quickly, same-day delivery is in demand everywhere that customers are able to order their products online. That being said, same-day delivery is more often offered in and around major cities due to the logistical obstacles that come with attempting to set up sites around the country. The bigger the company, however, the easier it will be to offer same-day delivery.

Technology is growing and with it is the demand of same-day delivery. With the statistics listed above, it is clear to see that it is important for online retailers to offer this option to its customers. If you are not already offering same-day delivery, use this information as incentive to begin figuring out ways in which you can deliver your products sooner so that you can take advantage of this growing trend among online consumers.

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