A good courier service provider should have its own app that helps users create, track and manage their shipments.

Shipping, for many entrepreneurs, organizations, and institutions, can sometimes cause headaches and restlessness. Good thing is a good number of cost-effective applications for tablets, smartphones and desktops are helping a great deal in making the process of shipping goods extremely easier and fast. Senpex, one of the leading courier service providers in California, USA, is among the few companies that have embraced the use of Android and iSO to make shipping affordable, quick and fun.

Located in Sunnyvale, California, Senpex saves your time and money, and it comes with the solution to the challenges faced in the shipping industry, particularly in California. We use Silicon Valley software products to simplify the delivery process.

We came up with an idea of developing our own app with an aim of meeting all the needs of urgent deliveries needed in different industries.

Our services

We offer a courier and shipping services within Sunnyvale and area. Some of the services Senpex offers to include the following:

  • Courier service
  • Courier delivery near me
  • Package delivery
  • Same Day Shipping

Why you should hire Senpex

Courier service providers are everywhere in any part of USA. However, not all of them are made equal in terms of the kind of service delivery and convenience. If you want to have control of how and when your item should reach you, we highly recommend that you try Senpex. First, we are easy and smart – thanks to our apps and simple mobile solutions we have developed.

Secondly, we are simple, reliable and trusted. Reading through our testimonials will instantly show you that our clients trust and believe in us.  

Using our app, you can easily process our shipment. You start by creating a courier service. Our team on standby will receive your request and start the shipment at the time of your own choice, or at the time, we know your item will reach its destination without delay. Our app will allow you to manage the entire shipment process because you can track the item from the time it leaves its original location to the time it reaches its destination.

Your delivery is what we think of. For this reason, we use mobile technology and Silicon Valley software products creatively to ensure that we deliver your item fast, easily and in a fun way. We build our mobile app solutions from Silicon Valley. For this reason, our app and iOS are responsive and extremely easy for users to iterate on, just like other Silicon Valley software products. This makes our mobile solutions the simplest and most productive. You need convenience; Senpex got it with its app and iOS.  

How the app and iOS can help in simplifying shipping

Our app works effectively with our cloud-based shipping management system. It not only captures, but also stores photos and signatures of deliveries. The application tracks shipments and delivery status all day and night, seven days a week. Senpex shares the photos, signatures, delivery time and any other information that the app collects with customers through email.

Our iOS is also developed from Silicon Valley. Its colorful interface and easy-to-read maps will give you the quickest visual on the exact location of your shipments.

Contacting Senpex

Senpex is available 24 hours. You can call us at (669) 777-5733, or visit www.senpex.com for more information. Our physical address is 940 Stewart Dr, Sunnyvale, California, USA.

Senpex strives to achieve the most cost-effective way of sharing delivery and shipping information with customers and providing the best solution to all the problems and needs of urgent deliveries. We uncover and develop the best practices that help improve reliability and productivity in the shipping industry and among our customers.

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