Logistics and delivery are the main buzzwords in the modern business landscapes. Most companies are digitalizing the industry to offer better services.

No matter how goods and affordable your products are, you must find ways to deliver them to the buyers in a very timely fashion. Otherwise, your business is in trouble. Good thing is, Senpex is here to help you with all your delivery and logistics needs. Located in Sunnyvale, California, Senpex has its own app and iSO, which it uses to make shipping quick, affordable and fun.

Problems startups face in delivery and logistic industry

Just like the number of fleet and men involved in delivery and logistic industry is huge, the number of challenges associated with the same is also big. Even though startups such as Senpex, Uber and Amazon have come up with many effective mobile solutions and digitalization to counter and solve the common problems that may hinder efficient service delivery, they still experience some challenges. Here are some of the major problems in the industry:

  • Growing customer expectations

Unlike in the past when customers could order products and then wait for weeks for the package to arrive, customers today order their products and want them immediately. Today, shoppers want whatever they have ordered to arrive now without any significant hastle.

While modern shipping companies are dedicated to ensuring that items reach their customers efficiently, it might not be possible due to many reasons. For instance, a driver might encounter a traffic jam when transporting the product.

Again, the personnel might not be enough to handle high demands, and this might lead to delay. For example, you can go to Uber app and make a request instantly provided there is a driver who is available to take the request. On the same note, you will not be able to make a request if all drivers are engaged.

  • Stiff competition

Apart from timely delivery option, customers also want affordable delivery options. Of course, most startups in the delivery and logistic industry guarantee timely delivery options. However, they might not be able to charge as competitively as other well-established companies.

  • Difficulty in acquiring customers

Most startups in the delivery and logistic industry find it very hard to convince potential customers to try their services, not because their services are not efficient and affordable, but because most people fear trying new players.

Enabling scalability

Having a custom-built logistics and delivery mobile app solution, which customers can use to create and manage their shipments, will make things very easy. Companies like Senpex have their own app and iSO solutions that they have developed from Silicon Valley software products. The mobile solution enhances scalability because it enables a courier company to assign roles to drivers, monitor couriers and track shipments.

About the traffic jam and any other unseen occurrences that may affect timely delivery in a negative way, startup companies should develop mobile solutions that enable for text delivery notifications and order tracking in real time so that customers can track their shipments and receive notifications. This way, a customer will be able to know the reason for delay. Senpex and other startups have developed their own apps and iOS that their customers can use to create courier services, track their shipments and receive real-time notifications. This not only improves service delivery, but also enhances scalability.

To acquire new customers, startups should device the best, cost-effective internet marketing strategies to spread the word to their potential customers. It is also recommended that a company puts in place measures to retain their current customers.

Using technology, startups can device cost-effective methods of solving all the major problems facing delivery and logistic industry. Using real-time data, startups can deliver seamless customer experience to their customers.

Embracing technology is the way to go. Scalable internet is for creative people to take advantage of. Now you know what to do and look out for if you are in charge of a delivery and logistic company.

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