Here is a small tutorial for what to keep in mind when using a courier delivery service.

If you’ve never used a courier service before, getting started can be a bit intimidating.  Not to worry. Once you’ve selected a courier that meets your specific delivery requirements and you’re ready to schedule a delivery, having certain information available will make your call quick and efficient…and less stressful. The courier needs specific details to give an accurate quote, so here’s some information to have available before contacting them.


  1. Company Information/Contact: You’ll be asked to supply the following:

  • Company name

  • Primary contact; name, phone number, text or email, if applicable.

  • Secondary contact with same information as primary, if available.


  1. Pick up information

  • Give a very detailed physical address.  Include suite or office numbers, the floor if not on ground level, the person who is the point of contact, i.e., the one who will have the package.

  • Any additional notes for the driver (like “please leave at the front desk”).


  1. Delivery/Package Details

  • Be as specific with the delivery address as you are with the pick-up address.  Include suites, office numbers, and building numbers, whatever is applicable. More is better.

  • If there is a designated contact person, insist that they alone sign for the package.  If needed, request that the courier ask for the individual’s identification, such as a company badge or driver’s license with a picture. 

  • Detail the nature of the items to be delivered; number of individual pieces, what is contained in the packages, such as documents, product parts, etc.,  the dimensions of each piece, frequency of delivery (one time or periodic, which could affect the cost), the specific date and time needed for packages’ delivery. NOTE: It would be advisable to give the recipient a wider window of time to expect the package to ensure that they are waiting and available.  


Requesting courier service doesn’t have to be hard -- in fact, the process can be quite enjoyable! Hopefully, this article will help you understand the process and what you can do to make the delivery go smoothly. If you have questions, write them down before you call the courier so that you remember them.  Getting your questions answered at the onset will give you confidence that the courier will meet your expectations.

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