Here are some of the qualms you may experience with a large shipping and delivery company and how a courier service can settle these concerns.

Delivery Issues with a Large Shipping and Delivery Company versus a Courier Service

The appeal of the large national delivery companies is the false belief that because they are bigger, they can somehow deliver on time, in good condition, anything you may need to ship.  Often, they are not personable or willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to give you the kind of service you expect.

What if the tracking process is not working?  

With a smaller, local courier, the system is not as difficult to navigate and a more personalized response would be the norm when trying to follow your package. With Senpex in particular, you can chat with your courier driver through the app to ask them questions or send them more information. You can also track your package in real time on the app to see what route your package is traveling. Small, local couriers work hard to earn and keep your business, so they’ll do all they can to make sure you have a satisfying experience.

What if the package didn’t arrive on time?

Some couriers may make excuses or attempt to give you a partial refund, but that doesn’t undo the failure to deliver that is now a reflection on you. Local couriers have the flexibility to quickly modify procedures to avoid hiccups that may otherwise delay your delivery.

What if damage occurs during shipment?

Local companies are more particular about the type of drivers they hire, as they realize that reputation is everything.  Employees are chosen that will treat your package as if it were their own. Large delivery companies have thousands of employees and not nearly as much personal oversight from management.

What if my shipment was lost or taken to the wrong address?

National companies often have transfer warehouses and your package could change hands several times, each time increasing the odds that the package could be lost.  With a local carrier, the same driver transports your package from start to finish, and your package is often the only one that is being carried at a time.


Bigger is not always better, and it’s certainly not the case for a dependable and professional courier company.  Look for a company that has the right answers to your questions and stands behind their advertised claims.

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